Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does car transport cost?

Our pricing is customized to each service and client. Our custom quotes take the distance, route, and what you are shipping into the equation of the cost of your shipment. Fuel prices can also affect the overall cost of transport services. Speaking with one of our agents to get your quote is the first step in getting the best transport services at the best price.

2How long is my auto transport quote good for?

Normally, any quote we give you will be available for use for about fourteen (14) days from the date of the quote. However, as fuel prices change and carriers move from city to city, prices for vehicle transport go up and down. So, it's best to book relatively soon after getting your customized quote.

3Can I put items in my car for transport?

Various carriers have various standards with respect to whether you can place items in your vehicle. Normally the appropriate response is no, considering carriers aren't authorized to convey household goods. That said, many of our carriers will tell to you that you can have 50-100 pounds in the storage compartment (trunk) of the vehicle, if there is one and if it is secure. Usually, you cannot have anything in the passenger cabin of the vehicle as it becomes hazardous.

4Is terminal shipping available?

This really depends on where you are shipping from and to. We do offer terminal-to-terminal shipping services, however they may not be accessible in all cities. You should speak with your All Time Representative for more information regarding shipping by way of terminal-to-terminal.

5Is insurance included in the price?

Yes. All carriers are required to have comprehensive insurance that covers all vehicles on their truck. This is required before they even pick a vehicle up, All Time only works with carriers who have current insurance information and meet our diligent standards.

6How long does car transport take?

Shipping a vehicle does require time. It will also take longer the further you are shipping your vehicle, yet a decent gauge is transporters can travel around 350-400 miles every day. Along these lines a cross-country trip would take somewhere in the range of approximately 7-10 days. Speak with your All Time Representative for more information about transport times.

7Do I need to be there when my car is picked up?

While you do not need to be present when your item is picked up, someone needs to be present for pick-up. This can be a neighbor, friend, relative, or an authorized agent. In the event that you do not have an authorized agent, terminal-to-terminal services might be an alternative option. Please ask your All Time Representative if you have questions regarding pick-up.

Get a Custom Quote

We specialize in giving each client a custom price that reflects the specific needs that need to be met so give us a quick call or message for a detailed quote.

Getting your car or truck shipped where you need is easy with All Time Auto Transport!